Get your credit right and hit your financial goals.

Credit Repair Growth LLC (“CRG”) focuses on your financial goals by improving your credit knowledge, credit scores, and your ability to manage high credit lines.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

How It Works

Reaching high 700’s scores to achieve your financial goals can be done with these 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Schedule FREE credit review call where we create a plan of attack.

Step 2

Remove negative items in your credit report by using laws in your favor.

Step 3

Grow and manage your credit profile together to hit your financial goals.

How we can help you

What We Offer

We help improve your credit by removing the following items:

Collection Accounts

When an account becomes seriously past due, the creditor may decide to turn the account over to an internal collection department or to sell the debt to a collection agency. Once an account is sold to a collection agency, the collection account can then be reported as a separate account on your credit report.

Late Payments

Regardless of the reason, there are several consequences to making late payments, including: * Late payment fees. * Interest added to the delinquent payment. * Possible termination of service or default of the loan. * The late payment showing up on a credit report. Payments that are less than 30 days late often do not show up on someone’s credit report, unless they occur frequently.

Hard Inquiries

Hard inquiries can be harmful to a borrower’s credit score. Each hard inquiry usually causes a small credit score decrease for a borrower. Hard inquiries remain on one's credit report for two years. Generally, a high number of hard credit inquiries in a short period of time can be interpreted as an attempt to substantially expand available credit which creates higher risks for a lender


Repossession hurts your credit score. In fact, it's one of the worst things that can happen to your credit, making your financial life more difficult for years to come. Alone, the late payments leading up to the repossession will damage your credit score once they're reported to the credit bureaus.

Charge Offs

A charge-off is a debt that a creditor has given up trying to collect on after you’ve missed payments for several months. These can include balances from a credit card, mortgage or other debt you take on. As a last resort, the creditor can decide that the debt is a loss for the company and designate it as “charged off.”

Student Loans And More!

Bankruptcy, Soft Inquiry removals, Pay-Day Loans, Child-Support, Public Records, and much more!

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Credit Repair Growth
Credit Repair Growth
"And I wasn't going to call you. I was not going to call you, you heard me I was a mess. I was crying... God's right here, I swear I don't know what it was and he told me to call you. And I did, now look where we are now. You guys changed my life. That's the number one promise I'm going to give you. We are going to celebrate!"

-H. Figueroa

Credit Repair Growth
"I told them what my goals were, and I was at a 490 score in Transunion, now Nov. 8th, 2021 (after 2 months). I have excellent credit all across the board. Aside from getting a new vehicle I wanted a new start. And I couldn't have done it as fast as I'm getting it done without Credit Repair Growth."

- T. Shockley

Credit Repair Growth
"I really want to thank the team of credit Repair Growth for helping me get my scores to the higher limit in the 700s club. I want to thank Desirae for all her input showing me how to improve my financial potential. This is only the beginning thank you so much. I appreciate sister Desirae from helping me from the beginning. Thanks again."

- L. Jurkin

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Here's what you might be wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an escalated process that starts at disputes or corresponding, pre-litigation, and ends at litigation if absolutely necessary.

As part of our commitment to impact 1,000,000 clients' credit scores ("TO THE MOON!"), we will also create case-by-case reviews and budget-based payment arrangements with clients ready to shift their financial position.

We run through an extremely detailed credit review process during our initial call, where we walk you step-by-step through your entire credit report, provide you with a tailored strategy, tailored tips related to your file, and give you proper timelines as it relates to results. Additionally, one you join our community, you are able to schedule 1:1 calls to review your file along the journey. Many of our clients become credit experts once we work with them, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

With over 20 years of experience, our team is here to serve you. We can meet via phone, zoom, or in person at any of our offices. We have a presence on many, if not all, the major business platforms and continue to push our presence and abilities to the public. Countless testimonials do most of the work to provide clients with peace of mind. Ask any of us and we can send you to our testimonial page, give you some client's that would be happy to give you some feedback, or simply check our social media presence for the same. Lastly, as a new approach to creating community and growth, we have Open Format Fridays for clients to learn new topics, ask any question in a group or intimate setting, check on updates, and bond with others in a similar journey.

No. Tradelines are goal-dependent and not for everyone. We assess your current profile and plan a timeline and strategy that may or may not include authorized users, primary tradelines, and/or other services or products. Unless otherwise mentioned in our call, additional or specialized products come at an additional cost.

Depending on our current special, we do include authorized user primaries for 2+ months for most effective and expedient results.

No, this will only add credit history and higher limits to your credit report.

As part of our "Done For You" credit strategy, we highly suggest that you do not apply for any loans or anything that may add a hard inquiry on your credit reports, delay your timeline, or risk the goal-oriented results that we work hard to achieve. You will likely be denied for any application attempted during the process anyway. This is because we freeze all communications from: 1) data sharing platforms that attain, target, and sell your data; 2) minor bureaus that access and distribute your data between your creditors, banks, and major bureaus; 3) creditors and banks you have banked with in the last 7 years; AND 4) the three major bureaus. If you work with us closely throughout the process, you will be in the best position within months. A little discipline goes a long way!

Having multiple credit repair processes at the same time can harm your credit. If you are not seeing results or are simply not content with the level of service you are receiving from any other credit repair agency, we ask that you first end the existing service and thereafter commit to Credit Repair Growth's service-oriented tailored credit repair. If you require assistance in ending an existing service, we aid you through this as well.

The documents we ask you to provide are necessary for identity verification and increasing the speed at which the credit bureaus have to answer us. We already provide all identity verification to the credit bureau’s so they cannot use that as an excuse to not process and remove negative items.

Identity IQ is a secure credit monitoring service. We work with them closely for many reasons and ask you to keep the subscription as long as we are working your file. Some benefits of IDIQ are the following: 1) detailed accurate updates of your credit scores every 30 days; (2) you receive a $1,000,000 identity theft insurance; (3) SSN and personal information tracing; (4) assuring your information is not being sold in the dark web; (5) credit strategy simulations; AND MORE. Other credit monitoring services such as Experian, Equifax, Transunion, Credit Karma, or related apps share your information, force you to forego litigation in an event they do not remove inaccurate data, and can cause harm to our credit repair strategy's results.

Yes send all correspondence from creditors or credit bureaus to , cc: We keep all correspondence as part of your file and timely delivery of the same assures we have all the tools to respond to the bureaus appropriately. Also, this goes for any correspondence from creditors, collection agencies, or otherwise companies asking you to verify information or respond via phone, mail, or website process. We actually ask you to avoid communications with creditors, lenders, collection agencies, and any bureaus throughout the process.

Yes, if they have processed anything similar to an affidavit, FTC report, or otherwise provided you with pertinent documentation, send these via email to and so that we can have the most context in pursuing your credit repair strategy.

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